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Hello There!!!

My name is Kara and I'm the photographer around here.  While I specialize in commercial and brand photography, I am always up for a challenge!  I also dabble in fine art photography, which means I love taking photos of awesome things and finding new homes for them so others can enjoy hanging them in fun places!  I love bright colors, playing with light and making other's work shine!  

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and then explored the country with Husband of Mine while he served in the Navy.  We moved back home in 2013 after having Son of Ours.  We live out in the country with three rescue dogs - Chopper, Merlin, and Beau, a crazy chinchilla - Leviosa [Levy] and a French Lop - Zeb [who are all named after TV shows/books].

When I'm not running around with a camera in hand, I love trying new things!  I'm always up for an adventure and exploring someplace I've never been before.  I love being a youth leader at my church and running their website and social media!  God, coffee, superheros, overflowing shelves of books, animals, nature, my fandoms, converse, learning, my Bronco, NASCAR, the Orioles, the Cowboys, the PBR, good food, good beer, mountains, and so much more all make me easily excitable!!!

Wanna know more?  I'd love to chat over a cup of coffee or a good beer!