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What the heck is Brand Photography?

Brand Photography is a specially designed photo session that curates a photo collection focused on showcasing what a brand does and the story behind it!  It is completely focused on YOUR brand, YOUR style, YOUR story! It’s telling that story through the lens of a camera so that you have images that match your brand and mission!  PBP is all about YOU!


What is the difference between Brand Photography and headshot / portrait photography?

There are a few things that are different.  First of all brand photography is commercial photography.  Unlike family photography, or your typical headshot photography, the sole purpose of brand photography is to promote and further your business.  It is to make your business make more money! It is more than just a headshot for your instagram, or blog. Brand photography captures every aspect of your business and is curated to YOUR brand!  You get to pick the place, the vibe, the colors, etc. This is all about YOU!


Another way that it is different is that you get full commercial use of the photos.  You have editing rights, print rights, full usage. Every photo session will come with a commercial release so that you can use the images however you like.  There’s no watermark, there’s no mandatory photo credit. These photos are made to express you and your brand and build your business, and you have all the rights to use them to do that!


Why is Brand Photography more expensive than other photography?

Brand photography cost more because there is more benefit!  These images are not intended to hang on your wall at home (though you of course can do that too!)  These images are intended to be used to showcase and grow your business! Because of this, you will get a full commercial release!  Commercial use is the reason for the cost difference.


Why should I invest in Brand Photography?

Brand photography is designed to make your business stand out!  It is curate around YOUR brand, YOUR message, YOUR business, so that it tells YOUR story!  Investing in brand photography makes building a vibrant and attractive online presence easy!  No more quick snapshots, no more selfies! Brand photography gives you images that you can be excited to use on your website, social media, and print materials!  It will show your customers and followers just what you’re all about and why they should support you!